Sunday, 4 March 2012

Precious Stones: Amethyst is February Birthstone

Precious Stones: Amethyst is February Birthstone: Amethyst is February Birthstone

What is Purple Amethyst

Derived from Greek word “amethystos”, the February Birthstone Amethysts is mean “medicine for drunkenness”, and believed by Greeks that it’s held with many powers and protection against evil. At Greeks, this purple or bluish violet color stone was believed that associated with god of wine, and it was practice to serve this beverage form Amethyst cups to believe that prevent drunk and poisons. In the past it was known and popular in royalty, and was served for the kings and queens. Until today, Amethyst is still considered as a powerful stone to stabilizing pressure to get over obsessive actions. Generally speaking, the Amethyst is believed as a relaxing, peaceful affect which is a symbol of tranquility.

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